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Video Review: 'Jit'

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Details Movie Rated: Unrated; Genre: Comedy; With: Dominic Makuvachuma and Sibongile Nene

The plot will seem either foolproof or tired, depending on your mood: A country boy (Makuvachuma) uses pluck and good fortune to woo a remote Venus (Nene) away from her gangster boyfriend. Luckily, this English-language comedy from Zimbabwe has three things going for it: a playfully slapstick sense of magic realism, a leading lady of astonishing grace and beauty, and a non-stop soundtrack of propulsive jit jive (the African pop music that carries a rootsy C&W feel). As with classic Hollywood musicals, the story almost needs to be silly when the tunes are this terrific. B+

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