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In the Works

*Plotting: Perennial star Paul Newman gets back in the director's saddle for The Homesman, a Western about a man and woman who accompany a group of misfits across the country. Newman, who has wanted to make the movie for many years, may also play the lead.

*Prepping: Brad Pitt: Ace Detective? That's what the in-demand actor plays in Seven, a serial-killer thriller that also stars Morgan Freeman. Alien3's David Fincher is directing.

*Shooting: ''Beware This Stare'' — again. John Carpenter is remaking Village of the Damned, the 1960 flick about unearthly, telepathic children (whose eyes glow when they're up to destructive mischief). Christopher Reeve and Kirstie Alley star, along with Linda Kozlowski and Mark Hamill. Damned will be in the can for a '95 release.

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