Video Review

Video Review: 'Brainscan' (1994)

MPAA Rating: R

Details Movie Rated: R; Genres: Horror, Mystery and Thriller, Sci-fi and Fantasy; With: Edward Furlong and Frank Langella

With a glossy ad campaign and a built-in audience of technonerds, Brainscan stood to score big with its loopy tale of a video game that leaves a trail of dead bodies. But bad word of mouth on the film's risky ending kept the target audience at home with their Sega collections, so they missed out on Frank Langella's cool turn as a wonderfully smirky homicide detective and T. Ryder Smith's campy ersatz Freddy Krueger, who comes bundled with the CD-ROM. Fortunately, the comparatively cheap video rental fee should let viewers feel better about the film's irritating finale. B+

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