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CD-ROM Reviews: 'Earthquake' and 'The Big One'

What's your pleasure — learning about natural disasters or cleaning up after them? The newsy Earthquake focuses on major temblors that have occurred in the last 100 years by serving up canned ABC reportage anchored by Ted Koppel, plus film footage, photos, and informative text from the book Terra Non Firma. The Big One plays like SimCity for Richter freaks: You're the mayor of Los Angeles and a quake has just leveled the downtown area. Can you put out fires, deal with looters, set up field hospitals — and still get re-elected? Nice to see that the makers of this game have the proper perspective. Earthquake: B- The Big One: C+

Originally posted Nov 11, 1994 Published in issue #248 Nov 11, 1994 Order article reprints

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