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Tempest in a Tape Box

Good Times Entertainment copies Disney -- The copycat company's videos look eerily like those from Walt Disney's vault.

''The version children love!'' So exclaim the jackets on a line of look-alike 'toons from GoodTimes Entertainment that mimic the packaging style of Disney titles so closely that mousekelitigators tried twice (unsuccessfully) to bar them from shelves. GoodTimes' counters that many aspects of its videos are completely original. Judge for yourself.

Snow White The dwarfs, all identically drawn, are named Sunbeam, Toadstool, Fawn, Hedgehog, Robin, Cricket, and Tadpole — and even they can't always tell themselves apart.

The Little Mermaid When mermaiden Lena is first turned into a human and washes up on a beach, a bluebird squawks, ''Omigawsh! She's not wearin' clothes!''

Beauty and the Beast Beauty's lone friend in Beast's castle is housemaid Clara, who says, ''Honey, I make it a point never to talk about my boss.''

Aladdin The music sounds French, not Arabian: It's mostly classical material by Claude Debussy.

Leo the Lion, King of the Jungle Sure, it opens like The Lion King, with neo-African music. But here, a Bronx-accented king grudgingly adopts a momless cub, singing, ''Don't judge a king by his teeth, I'm a nice guy underneath.''

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