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Start a Pulitzer Prize Book Club

Start a club to combat strike boredom -- Why reading ''Lamb in His Bosom'' and other Pulitzer Prize winners is as fun as watching TV

Start a club to combat strike boredom

I love reading, but The Canterbury Tales just isn't my bag. So at a time when my TiVo holds little more than unwatched Men in Trees episodes, I'm thankful for the Pulitzer Book Club, an operation dreamed up by my friend Matt. We're reading, in chronological order, every novel to win the Pulitzer Prize since its inception in 1917. All the American literary giants are here, but the real fun comes in discovering oldies like the 1933 yarn about pre-Civil War Georgia called Lamb in His Bosom. Yes: Lamb. In. His. Bosom. Sorry, Chaucer. We can get cozy in another life.

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