Pregnant Pause

Houston stretches again, strokes her belly, and returns to the project she cares about most right now: the impending birth. She is reading a book called What to Expect When You're Expecting and has decided against natural childbirth. ''I told my doctor, 'If the pain goes on for more than an hour, shoot me up, shoot it wherever you think you have to shoot it,''' she says, laughing.

''It's so weird watching (the media) talk about The Bodyguard,'' she goes on. ''I mean, I'm lying in bed, holding my stomach, watching my baby move around, and they're talking about 'the Bodyguard phenomenon.' I just feel far removed from it, like it's déjà vu.'' In the morning, Houston will head down to Nassau, the Bahamas, for some vacation, hoping to feel as far removed from that other life as she can.

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