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My Mother's Secret Life

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Details Movie Rated: Unrated; Genre: Drama; With: Loni Anderson and Paul Sorvino

''Your father is dead and your mother is a call girl,'' says a high-price hooker (Loni Anderson) to the teenage daughter she has just met. How the reunited pair come to terms with each other forms the conflict of this hoary drama. Because it was intended for prime-time television, the movie never digs very deep or hits very hard. Instead, My Mother's Secret Life offers up some perfunctory emotional face-offs and a lot of clichéd conversation about growing up without a mother and not knowing how to love. All things considered, it's no surprise when the daughter (Amanda Wyss) starts turning tricks. The bigger shock comes when Anderson begins acting like a real mom, making popcorn for pajama parties and attending PTA meetings. ''That's not me,'' she laments to her favorite john (Paul Sorvino). She can say that again. C-

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