Video Review

Invasion of Privacy

Details Genres: Drama, Mystery and Thriller; With: Jennifer O'Neill and Robby Benson

In this would-be thriller, Robby Benson plays an ex-con who is murderously obsessed with star reporter Jennifer O'Neill. As fate (and the script) would have it, O'Neill is doing a story about life after prison — so of course she hires Benson as her new assistant! Pretty soon he's working overtime, getting close to both O'Neill and her look-alike daughter (Lydie Denier). Needless to say, this premise is preposterous, and even if it weren't, the sight of Benson as a psycho killer hardly inspires terror. There's never a moment in Invasion of Privacy when either woman seems truly in danger. Both appear more than able to defend themselves against such a wimpy adversary. The unrated version of this release contains two extra minutes of standard erotic-thriller coupling. You can view them as wasted motion or as welcome digressions. Either way, they do nothing to enhance the rest of this mundane exercise. D+

Originally posted Feb 12, 1993 Published in issue #157 Feb 12, 1993 Order article reprints

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