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Lollapolooza 1993 -- Arrested Development and Nirvana are rumored to play at this year's music festival

Watch for Lollapolooza to play it again. Plans for a third run of the alternative-rock festival, which grossed $19.1 million last summer and was the 13th biggest tour of the year, are under way. ''Nothing is confirmed for the main stage,'' says Lollapolooza spokesman Ted Meeko. ''Nirvana is an obvious choice. But talks are going on with several bands.''

Also rumored to play: Arrested Development and Alice in Chains. Ex-Jane's Addiction singer Perry Farrell is still ringmaster, with concerts again to feature seven bands, a stage with five up-and-comers, and food and PC-information booths. ''It's gotten so big,'' says Meeko, ''it's difficult to find people who fit the stature of the festival.'' Hmmm... how alternative does that sound?

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