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To Live and Tape in L.A.?

David Letterman's coastal dilemma -- Will the TV comic move his late-night show from New York to L.A.?

Will he or won't he? At press time, David Letterman was still saying he had not decided to move his CBS late-night operations from New York to Los Angeles. Meanwhile, both metropolises have been bending over backward to lure the gap-toothed comic. Here's what each coast has to offer.


*Mayor David Dinkins' office promised Dave a free parking space.

*CBS has offered him three possible New York studios, including the Ed Sullivan Theater.

*City officials drew up the top 10 reasons to stay. Among them: ''Buttafuoco! Buttafuoco! Buttafuoco!''

*His crew wants to stay in New York: ''They live here,'' says Late Night director Hal Gurnee. ''They are settled here. They like it.''

*Letterman's girlfriend, Regina Lasko, works in New York — she's a production manager at Saturday Night Live.


*Mayor Tom Bradley offered Dave his office. Really. (But it was a joke.)

*Letterman could move into a 15,400-square-foot Hollywood studio that makes his current digs look like a walk-in closet with seats.

*City officials drew up the top 13 reasons to move. Among them: ''Woody wouldn't.''

*CBS apparently is behind the move too: ''Movie stars are here,'' says one top network exec. ''You have to be where the guests are.''

*Letterman owns a house in Malibu, which he loves.

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