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Ice Ice Lady

Business card of the month -- Our favorite music-industry mail comes from Indian Princess Leoncie

At Entertainment Weekly, we're sent music-industry business cards as often as we send out for lunch. But never before from Iceland, and never before from a dance-music artist with a name like Indian Princess Leoncie, whose album (released by a Czech label) is called Story From Brooklyn. (Is this what they mean by world beat?) And who has a song called ''Madonna Is Dead (That Is a Question)'' with lyrics like ''You were always mad/Out of your head/Silly things you said/So it's good you're dead.'' And from someone whose accompanying letter reads, ''In Iceland, I seem to have shocked everyone by my nude dancing. There is no end to the gossip...If you're ever in Iceland, give me a call and I'll invite you to dinner at my place.'' Is nude dancing included with the meal?

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