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The small world of ''Seinfeld'' -- The kitchen, the couch, the door, and the diner booth are the backbone of the series' settings

The world is a very small place for Jerry and his friends — a very, very small place. Here's the layout:

George likes to sit and nosh. Elaine likes to peer into the fridge. Kramer likes to scarf Double Crunch. (He can crunch all he wants: Jerry has about a dozen boxes of cereal.)

By night, Jerry entertains here. By day, George sits like a lox here. When Jerry's parents visit, they fold out the mattress and sleep here.

Security-conscious New Yorkers would never leave the door unlocked as Jerry does. But how else could Kramer burst in so dramatically?

It's a salon, it's a clubhouse, it's a home away from home — only you don't have to do the dishes. Not that anyone eats here. They just chew things over.

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