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'Indecent' Exposure

'Indecent Proposal' poll -- We asked: Would you ''do it'' for money?

Moviedom may claim to have its finger on the pulse of America, but audiences think the premise of the new Paramount film Indecent Proposal is just that — indecent. In the movie, architect Woody Harrelson agrees to let his wife (Demi Moore) spend the night with billionaire Robert Redford for $1 million. An Entertainment Weekly poll reveals that most Americans wouldn't ''do it'' for money.

Would you sleep with (or allow your partner to sleep with) another person for a million dollars?

Yes: 7.5%
No: 79.6%
Don't know/refused to answer: 12.9%

From a telephone poll of 504 adults conducted over the weekend of April 3-4 by the Roper Organization. Margin of error: plus or minus 7 points.

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