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Seen any bootleg Jurassic Park products lately? If so, Universal wants to hear from you-it even has operators standing by. The studio and Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment are asking the public to help them protect the $65 million merchandising campaign by reporting knockoff Jurassic Park items to 1-800-DINO-COP. ''You have to understand the uniqueness of this property,'' explains a Universal spokeswoman. The hotline has already received several dozen calls about imitation Jurassic toys, T-shirts, and other dino-matter. ''Anybody will try to copy Jurassic Park to make a quick buck, but these copies are not as special as the actual trademarked products.'' And what's in it for the average caller? ''Uh, nothing,'' says a Dino-Cop operator. ''We're not giving out T-shirts or anything. This is just a public service.''

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