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Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble: Live at the El Mocambo (1991)


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The death last year of blues-rock guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan was particularly jarring because it came just as he had found some peace in his life and more maturity in his art. Live at the El Mocambo was shot in 1983, when he was still a bit of a show-off, but unlike so many of his fleet-fingered peers, Vaughan has a real feel for tone, going from warm and mucky one minute to icy and wiry the next. His respect for the blues never gets buried underneath his flash, and a couple of the set pieces here — including a mammoth, jaw-dropping version of ''Texas Flood'' — are the kinds of things that make aspiring guitarists turn their Fenders over to the pawnbroker in despair. Visually, Vaughan sets off fireworks without affected, ''look-ma'' faces or guitar-as-extension-of-phallus moves. B+

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