Video Review

Brenda Starr (1992)

MPAA Rating: PG

Details Movie Rated: PG; Genres: Action/Adventure, Comedy; With: Timothy Dalton and Brooke Shields

Thanks to legal complications, it took six years for Brenda Starr to flicker, ever so briefly, on the big screen. If only the disagreement had dragged out indefinitely. This two-dimensional story about the classic comic-strip character (Brooke Shields) begins when her love-struck cartoonist (Tony Peck) is literally drawn into his work. Once there, he must compete for reporter Brenda's attention; his opponents are the dashing Basil St. John (Timothy Dalton) and Brenda's true love — a breaking news story of international proportions. Intended as a campy celebration in the manner of Batman and Dick Tracy, Brenda Starr ends up forced and unfunny, nothing more than a chain of shticky chase scenes. On video, big, beautiful Brooke appears downright Amazonian, especially when clad in a circus costume that looks two sizes too small, and her outlandish costumes are only surpassed by her overwrought acting. If you're planning an awful-video party, make Brenda Starr your featured attraction. F

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