Video Review

The Smithereens 10 (1991)

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Details Movie Rated: Unrated; Genre: Musical; With: The Smithereens; Distributor: Capitol Home Video

The Smithereens 10 is one terrific music video-clip compilation that's terrific without the video. The Smithereens are easily the most insinuating '60s-influenced pop-rock band around right now, and this tape, with songs from all three of the group's utterly fab albums, functions as the greatest-hits song collection the Smithereens probably won't release for some time. (It also helps, of course, to have a Hi-Fi VCR hooked up to a stereo system.)

As for the videos themselves, the opening Albert Pyun-directed clip for ''Blood and Roses'' (the band's best single) is surely the greatest looking, most evocative, fake-live performance by a rock band since Richard Lester directed the Beatles doing ''You're Going To Lose That Girl'' for Help! Granted, nothing else here is quite so accomplished, conceptually or visually, but hey — you can always turn the picture off and jump up and down to the music. A-

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