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Popcorn (1991)

MPAA Rating: R

Details Movie Rated: R; Genres: Comedy, Horror; With: Dee Wallace Stone, Jill Schoelen, Tony Roberts and Tom Villard

If you passed on this in theaters because you thought it was just another schlock horror movie, now's your chance to make up for the mistake. Mixing a sick sense of humor with a stream of cinema in-jokes, Popcorn is actually a subversive spoof of schlock horror movies — itself included.

The action unfolds at an abandoned movie palace, where a group of film students is holding an all-night ''horror-thon,'' unaware that a disfigured psycho killer is lurking in the wings. The parallels with The Phantom of the Opera are nicely underplayed, though the plot is pretty much secondary to the elaborate movies-within-the-movie parodies of '50s grade Z thrillers. This Popcorn is as deliciously junky as the stuff in those microwave packs. B

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