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Secrets of Making Love to the Same Person Forever (1991)

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Details Movie Rated: Unrated; Genre: Erotic; Distributor: Playboy Home Video

Scarcely seeming daunted by the challenge referred to in this tape's title, gorgeous young couples are shown in Secrets of Making Love to the Same Person seducing each other and rapidly proceeding to make passionate love in their backyard pools, the backseats of their cars, and even in their bedrooms. Interspersed among all this lust, there are a few vignettes of some normal-looking couples telling the camera about their loss of sexual interest, along with voice-over suggestions for reinvigorating a relationship. They include a sensual picnic ending in a sexual romp in the grass, an evening at home with a visiting masseuse, and a striptease. While potentially useful to some couples without serious problems, none of these ideas is new or particularly imaginative.
As soft porn: B+
For instruction:C

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