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Morgan Fairchild Stress Management (1991)

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Details Movie Rated: Unrated; With: Morgan Fairchild

Hosted by coiffed and collected Morgan Fairchild (whose own brush with stress, according to the cassette packaging, caused some of her hair to fall out), this elementary de-stresser course gives viewers a taste of aerobics, t'ai chi, muscle flexing and release, and massage. You'll want to fast-forward through the initial 20 minutes of low-impact posing by instructor Donna Baltron: real vanity fare. The subsequent section of modified t'ai chi, however, is as energizing as it is relaxing. Overall, Stress Management offers little that the average overachiever with a tension headache doesn't already know, but if you can get into this Tao of deceleration, you may emerge calmer. C

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