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Harvest of Seven Years (Cropped and Chronicled) (1991)

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Details Movie Rated: Unrated; Genres: Documentary, Musical; With: k.d. lang; Distributor: Warner Reprise

Just when Nashville had almost recuperated from the shock of k.d. lang — outrageous, lusty, metaphysical, and supremely talented — now comes her long-form video. Harvest of Seven Years (Cropped and Chronicled) is a compilation of early Canadian-TV appearances, her spooky and spiritual duet with Roy Orbison (''Crying''), her more recent music videos (''Trail of Broken Hearts''), and live performances, it is never less than fascinating and often hypnotic and bizarre. Lang ties all these bits together with a rambling on-camera commentary, in which she can be as goofy and irritating as Jerry Lewis. But while the video starts out as a hoot, it ends up turning somber, as when lang proves her considerable dramatic skills in ''So in Love'' and ''Barefoot,'' both directed by Percy Adlon (Bagdad Cafe). Once a cow-punk, a send-up freak, lang has become a visionary country performer and a writer of intoxicating imagery and melody. Her transformation is one exhilarating ride to watch. A

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