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Kelly Hu is ''X-Men 2'''s Lady Deathstrike

Meet the new mutants of May's highly anticipated ''X2'' -- and find out what happens to the eight original characters by Adam Duerson
Kelly Hu

(a.k.a. Yuriko Oyama)

ABOUT THE ACTRESS At 35 (yes, that's 3-5), Hu is best known as ''The Scorpion King'''s sexy sorceress, and recently starred Jet Li-DMX pic ''Cradle 2 the Grave.'' She cut her teeth on TV's ''Martial Law,'' ''Nash Bridges,'' and ''Sunset Beach.''

IN THE COMICS Hu plays the villainous Stryker's personal assistant, Yuriko Oyama, who's secretly the claw-equipped Lady Deathstrike. In the comic books, this feared mutant is a prominent ''X''-villain and archenemy of Wolverine, whom she holds responsible for her father's death.

IN THE MOVIE Hu will be closely tied to Stryker. And she promises to put her martial arts background to good use in her action sequences. ''I've been doing karate for a couple of years now and I have a black belt,'' Hu says. ''It sounds a lot more impressive than it is. All it really means is that my teacher likes me.''

HER ''X''-PERIENCE She's a comic geek... sort of. ''I was more of an 'Archie' and 'Richie Rich' girl,'' claims the admitted ''X-Men'' comics virgin.

HOW HU GOT THE PART ''I don't know how I got it,'' says the actress, whose audition required her to read ''only five or six lines. Maybe they figured I'd just look good in the suit.''

Originally posted Aug 01, 2002

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