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Details Opening Date: Dec 12, 2002; Lead Performances: Cherry Jones and Swoosie Kurtz; Writer: Nora Ephron; Director: Jack O'Brien

Only screenwriter (When Harry Met Sally...), director (Sleepless in Seattle), and notorious wit (at half the dinner parties in Manhattan) Nora Ephron could have written this amusing one-act satire on the vicious relationship between the late writers Lillian Hellman and Mary McCarthy. Problem is, the show has been stretched into two acts with superfluous songs (by Marvin Hamlisch and excellent lyricist Craig Carnelia) and a few sessions' worth of dubious psychoanalysis. Swoosie Kurtz as Hellman and the breathtaking Cherry Jones as McCarthy couldn't be better, and when they're going at each other with exposed claws and sharpened fangs the show's a delight. When they're not, it's a puzzle.

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