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Details Opening Date: Dec 05, 2002; Lead Performances: Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Brian Stokes Mitchell; Director: Jonathan Kent

To dream the impossible dream To flee this unbearable show To mourn that great Brian Stokes Mitchell A star, could be brought down so low!

This is my fate, just doing my job To listen to hokum Tunes grate, at best throb To wish for a whit Of some wit to applaud Or just maybe a smidgen of staging not hopelessly flawed!

Yes I know that others will love it And will loathe these harsh words that I say Be inclined to tell me to go shove it Cry foul as I trash the whole play!

But the world would be better for this That this show, which is hopelessly marred would ditch the full last 15 minutes... As I reach (slower, will full orchestral buildup) for the keys to my car!

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