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Have Patrick Stewart and Co. disengaged after Star Trek: Nemesis? Brent Spiner, a.k.a. Data, notes Nemesis' ambiguous tag line, ''A Generation's Final Journey Begins'': ''If the movie's bad, then it's the final journey. If it's good, it's just beginning.'' The actors knew this might be their last Trek. ''I spent the last few days [on set] a little weepy,'' says Marina Sirtis. Despite a weak $18.5 million debut, the 10th Trek could still find its box office legs. After all, history is on its side. Since 1982's Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, even-numbered Treks tend to be favored by fans. Producer Rick Berman even jokes about avoiding the odd-numbered curse if there's another movie: ''We're going to call it Star Trek 12.'' -- Andre Chautard


''I've never done a film where I haven't been accused of sleeping with my costar, except, thankfully, About a Boy.'' -- HUGH GRANT, on rumors he romanced Sandra Bullock while making Two Weeks Notice

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