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Lifestyles of the Kitsch and Semi-Famous

Meet the seven onetime stars who live together for 10 days on the WB's new reality TV show ''The Surreal Life'' (debuts Jan. 9)

Vince Neil, The Surreal Life
Image credit: Vince Neil: Bruce Malone; inset: Steve Double/Retna
Corey Feldman, The Surreal Life
Image credit: Corey Feldman: Bruce Malone; inset: Ralph Dominguez/Globe Photos

Corey Feldman

THEN One half of the powerhouse Corey duo of the '80s, responsible for such big-screen hits as ''Lost Boys,'' ''License to Drive,'' and ''Dream a Little Dream''

NOW Guest-starring on ''The Guardian'' (Jan. 7) and working on his next album

WHY HE'S IN THE HOUSE Feldman claims he and Scott Baio had an idea for their own live-in reality show a year before ''The Osbournes.'' ''I was a bit ahead of the game on that. Obviously it was on my mind at the time, and it all came to a culmination with a show like this.''

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