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Reese Witherspoon
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Why Reese Witherspoon is on the new A list

AGE 26

WHY SHE'S A-LIST After turning 2001's ''Legally Blonde'' into a sleeper hit, Witherspoon proved her bankability last fall with the $125 million gross of ''Sweet Home Alabama.'' Her salary jumped accordingly, from a reported $1 million for ''Legally Blonde'' to $15 million for its '03 sequel. Plus, she retains indie and critical cred from her role as high school overachiever Tracy Flick in 1999's ''Election.'' No wonder that, for Entertainment Weekly's 2001 If We Ran Hollywood issue, the magazine put her on the cover with the headline ''Why We'd Hire Reese Witherspoon for Everything.''

WHAT'S NEXT As Elle Woods, Witherspoon takes on Washington, D.C., in ''Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde,'' opening July 2.

Originally posted Jan 10, 2003

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