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Jennifer Lopez
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Why Jennifer Lopez is on the new A list

AGE 32

WHY SHE'S A-LIST Multitalented J. Lo has a knack for releasing hit albums and hit movies at the same time, as she's done most recently with her CD ''This Is Me...Then'' and her current movie ''Maid in Manhattan,'' her biggest hit yet, grossing $78 million and counting. She's been the highest-paid Latina actress since her $1 million payday for 1997's ''Selena''; she now commands a reported $12 million per picture. Plus, fascination with her marital status is on an Elizabeth Taylor level, which should help her next two releases, both of which costar fiancé Ben Affleck.

WHAT'S NEXT The action comedy ''Gigli'' is due out Aug. 1, with the romance ''Jersey Girl'' to follow.

Originally posted Jan 10, 2003

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