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Cameron Diaz
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Why Cameron Diaz is on the new A list

AGE 30

WHY SHE'S A-LIST Along with her ''My Best Friend's Wedding'' costar Julia Roberts, Diaz is the only other member of the $20 million actress club, reportedly earning that sum for this summer's ''Charlie's Angels'' sequel. Even better, she reportedly scored $10 million for a week of voice work as Princess Fiona in next year's ''Shrek 2.'' She's unflappably charming, whether wearing Ben Stiller's ''hair gel'' in ''There's Something About Mary'' or picking pockets as a grubby thief in ''Gangs of New York,'' which earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Maybe she can pocket an Oscar, too.

WHAT'S NEXT ''Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle,'' June 27.

Originally posted Jan 10, 2003

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