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Drew Barrymore
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Why Drew Barrymore is on the new A list

AGE 27

WHY SHE'S A-LIST Since 1998's hit ''Ever After,'' she's been the queen of girl-power movies, setting an example both as a star and as a producer with 1999's ''Never Been Kissed'' and 2000's ''Charlie's Angels.'' As a driving force behind ''Angels,'' she was rewarded with a $125 million gross and a bump in her salary to a reported $15 million. In addition to the recently wrapped sequel, for which she lured Demi Moore out of retirement, she's also hoping to revamp another cheesecake-action classic this year, ''Barbarella.'' Meantime, the Flower Films chief is charming viewers as the flower-child love of Chuck Barris (Sam Rockwell, whom she helped put on the map in ''Charlie's Angels'') in the new ''Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.''

WHAT'S NEXT The black comedy ''Duplex,'' with Ben Stiller, comes out March 14; ''Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle'' hits theaters June 27.

Originally posted Jan 10, 2003

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