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Cool Hand Luke

Luke Wilson gets called back to boyfriend duty. He'll return to play Reese's squeeze in ''Legally Blonde'' and Cameron's quality man in ''Charlie's Angels''

Luke Wilson | 'LEGALLY' LUKE Hollywood's favorite boyfriend returns in two big sequels
Image credit: Luke Wilson: Shark Pictures/ZUMA Press
'LEGALLY' LUKE Hollywood's favorite boyfriend returns in two big sequels

Luke Wilson, Owen's laconic little brother, will soon begin work on ''Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde,'' in which he'll reprise his Reese Witherspoon-smitten lawyer. ''We didn't make it to the altar, but everything works out,'' reveals the actor. ''I shouldn't give away the why and how of it all.'' Wilson also has boyfriend-redux duty on ''Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle,'' and he says there ain't a jiggle of truth to rumors of catfighting between the headlining heroines -- Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu -- and their new nemesis, played by Demi Moore. ''They all get along great,'' reports Wilson. ''But that rumor's a good one -- maybe it would be better for the film if I don't say otherwise.''

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