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Can't Deny It

Fabolous is arrested -- could face up to 15 years. Cops say the rapper was a passenger in a van where two guns were found

Fabolous | BAD RAP? Fabolous was arrested in New York twice in two days
Image credit: Fabolous: Kareem Black/Retna
BAD RAP? Fabolous was arrested in New York twice in two days

When rapper Fabolous titled his upcoming release ''Street Dreams,'' this was probably not what he had in mind. He was arrested twice in two days on the streets of New York. Wednesday, police charged him with driving with a suspended license. Then Thursday, police told MTV, he was a passenger in a van where cops found two guns. A judge will decide Friday whether he'll face misdemeanor or felony charges for weapons possession.

On Wednesday, the 25-year-old rapper (real name: John Jackson) was pulled over for making an illegal turn, at which time cops discovered that his license had been suspended. Thursday, he pleaded guilty to the charge of aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and paid a $50 fine. That night, he was a passenger in a van that was stopped for running a red light. Police said they found two guns in the van and took into custody Fabolous, the driver, and the other passenger.

Prosecutors tell MTV that, if convicted, Fabolous could face one year, seven years, or 15 years behind bars, depending on whether a judge decides the possession charges count as a misdemeanor, third-degree felony, or second-degree felony. Reached by, the rapper's spokesperson at Elektra Records declined to comment.

Originally posted Jan 17, 2003

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