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Made in 'A.U.S.A.'

Scott Foley on his new comedy series, ''A.U.S.A.'' -- Jennifer Garner's hubby talks about making the switch from angsty drama ''Felicity'' to NBC's legal-eagle laffer

Scott Foley | A FELICITOUS MOVE Foley plays an assistant U.S. attorney on his new show
Image credit: Scott Foley Photograph by Lance Staedler
A FELICITOUS MOVE Foley plays an assistant U.S. attorney on his new show

Like his wife, ''Alias''' Jennifer Garner, ''Felicity'''s Scott Foley, 30, will battle for justice in his new NBC show, ''A.U.S.A.'' (premiering Feb. 4). But while Garner is all sleekness and cool, Foley, who plays a struggling newbie assistant U.S. attorney (hence the show's initials) is...let's put it this way: In the wacky sitcom's pilot he deals with the peril of dripping urine on his own pants, which would never fly in the CIA.

Have you suffered whiplash going from the hushed tones and pensive glances of ''Felicity'' to a comedy where you hump a bathroom air dryer?
''A.U.S.A.'' is the antithesis. But the great thing about ''Felicity'' was that they'd say ''Cut!'' and the cast would go nuts. We had a great group that was always screwing around.... When I even try to take a pregnant pause on ''A.U.S.A.,'' the audience thinks it's time to laugh.

Any trouble with all the legal terminology?
It's not too tough. Although reading ''tortious'' and then saying ''torturous'' at a read-through was embarrassing.

Putting ''U.S.A.'' in your title can't hurt these days.
You just cannot go wrong there. But some people say to me, ''How's 'Aa-oo-sa'?'' I say, ''No, it's 'A.U.S.A.' 'Aa-oo-sa' isn't a word.''

After all of Keri Russell's bad haircut publicity, are you determined to never cut yours?
I have to say, in defense of Keri, that I thought she looked better in short hair. Also, they moved ['Felicity''s time slot] the year she cut it, and SHE got the blame for the decline in ratings. Amazing.

In sitcom tradition, you realize you'll inevitably be anointed with guest-star parents from old '80s sitcoms. Who'd you like to be adopted by?
Do you think Scott Baio's old enough? That would be bizarre.

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