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Rocking Tall

The Rock may remake ''Walking Tall.'' He'd play a sheriff armed with a two-by-four in the update of the hit '70s movie series

Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson | ROCK ON Johnson will remake ''Walking Tall''
Image credit: The Rock: Graham Whitby-Boot/Allstar/Globe Photos
ROCK ON Johnson will remake ''Walking Tall''

In the ring, the Rock is content to dispatch his opponents with his bare hands. In ''The Scorpion King,'' he used a variety of arcane ancient weapons. In his next movie, he may use a 2-by-4. He's in talks to play Buford Pusser, the real-life Tennessee sheriff immortalized in the 1973 film ''Walking Tall.'' According to the Hollywood Reporter, MGM is hustling to get a remake into production by May, with the Rock on board.

The original ''Walking Tall,'' which starred Joe Don Baker as the corruption-fighting sheriff, spawned two sequels and a TV series (which all starred Bo Svenson as Pusser). A May date for a remake would be key, since the wrestler/actor is already attached to Universal's ''Spy Hunter,'' Warner Bros.' ''Johnny Bravo,'' Paramount's ''Walk Like a Dragon'' and Sony's ''Skip Tracer'' and ''King Kamehameha.''

Originally posted Jan 23, 2003

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