S.A.T.'S for Rockers

S.A.T.'S for Rockers

Saliva's Josey Scott, YOU HAVE 15 MINUTES...

1. Fill in the blank: Saliva is to rap-metal as John Coltrane is to ______.

[A] deep-trance techno [B] a turkey sandwich [C] jazz

''I don't consider us rap-metal. So I guess 'turkey sandwich.'''

2. ''I rocked so hard I almost ______ my ______!''

(A) wet, pants [B] did, homework [C] lost, lunch

''Those are all f -- -in' awful, dude. None of the above.''

3. True or false: The human body produces a liter of saliva a day.

''False. I think it's probably less. My whole family are medical professionals. I'm the black-sheep tattooed rocker of the bunch.... It's true? Oh. Nice.''

4. What's the [square root of] Korn?

''That their crew's a bunch of a -- holes. Did I say that? I don't know. I got an F in ciphering [sic] numbers in high school.''

5. What do Rick Dees, Three 6 Mafia, and Saliva have in common?

''Memphis. Also Al Green, Otis Redding, Elvis Presley, Kathy Bates, Morgan Freeman...a bunch of 'em [have lived there].''

6. If Spider-Man = X, Saliva = Y, and Chad Kroeger = a lame guy from Canada, why did you do a duet with him on ''Hero''?

''Ooh. That's mean. I guess because I had to give it up to Spidey.''

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