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Connie McDowell and Andy Sipowicz, ''NYPD Blue''

Dennis Franz, Charlotte Ross, ...
Image credit: NYPD: Carol Kaelson/ABC

''NYPD Blue'''s Sipowicz and Connie are a hot TV couple

PLAYED BY Charlotte Ross and Dennis Franz

RELATIONSHIP STATUS They just became a blended family. Connie (or, as we like to call her: Connie Who's Way Too Young And Hot For Andy) was living with the baby niece she adopted when her sister died. But now she's been joined by Andy and his son Theo.

WHY WE LOVE THEM Connie's initial attraction to Andy was largely brought on by her intense desire to be Mommy to little Theo (played, with admirable subtlety, by Austin Majors). There's a poignant sweetness to the whole affair, since she can't have kids of her own.

WHY WE DON'T Did we mention that Connie's way too young and hot for Andy?

Originally posted Feb 03, 2003

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