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Poolhall Junkies (2003)

Christopher Walken, Poolhall Junkies | RIGHT ON CUE Walken gets to the point in ''Poolhall''
Image credit: Poolhall junkies: Tracey-Lee Taylor
RIGHT ON CUE Walken gets to the point in ''Poolhall''

Details Limited Release: Feb 28, 2003; Rated: R; Length: 94 Minutes; Genres: Drama, Mystery and Thriller, Sports; With: Mars Callahan, Alison Eastwood and Michael Rosenbaum; Distributor: Samuel Goldwyn Films

A young poolroom hustler (director-cowriter Mars Callahan) rebels against his mentor (Chazz Palminteri). Costarring Christopher Walken and the late Rod Steiger. (Feb. 28)

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