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Holes (2003)

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Tim Blake Nelson, Sigourney Weaver, ... | IN THE 'HOLE' Voight, Weaver, and Nelson dig up trouble
IN THE 'HOLE' Voight, Weaver, and Nelson dig up trouble

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Details Release Date: Apr 18, 2003; Rated: PG; Length: 117 Minutes; Genres: Kids and Family, Mystery and Thriller; With: Shia LaBeouf, Khleo Thomas, Jon Voight and Sigourney Weaver; Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures

Based on a popular children's book of the same lovely name, this Andrew Davis-directed thriller is set at a correctional camp whose wicked warden (Sigourney Weaver) puts young offenders to work digging you-know-whats. Jon Voight and Tim Blake Nelson also star. (April 18)

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