Stage Review

ALADDIN (2014)


Details Director: Francesca Zambello

Unlike Disney's other 'toon-to-legit transfers, Aladdin is opening at a theme park, which does make it an ideal introduction to musicals for kids. It's Broadway scale at half the price (free with $47 park admission), half the length (40 minutes), and less than half the risk of some Manhattan matron shushing your delighted small fry. Adult appeal is another matter. Anyone suggesting that this might eventually join The Lion King on the Great White Veldt has probably been rubbing a magic bong, because even if the flying carpet ride is as cool as it is inevitable, the show mostly plays out like one long Oscar production number. By the time the blue genie tries to channel Robin Williams with some limp J. Lo and Survivor gags, you'll be using your third wish to conjure a City Center revival of Country Bear Jamboree instead. (At Disney's California Adventure; 714-781-7290) For 8 and under: B+ For 18 and over: C

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