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SOUL CIRCUS George P. Pelecanos (Little, Brown, $24.95, on sale March 4) Given a title like Soul Circus, can we call him George P-Funk Pelecanos? The crime writer, whose Hell to Pay was big last year, presents a new Derek Strange novel.

ABSOLUTE TRUST IN THE GOODNESS OF THE EARTH Alice Walker (Random House, $22.95, on sale March 4) Poems from the Color Purple author, including this one, which she says she wrote with the magnets on the refrigerator at her friend's place: ''Morning/Storm/Essential/Worship/Listen.''

EDITH HEAD David Chierichetti (HarperCollins, $34.95, on sale March 7) Her name makes her sound like the dysfunctional heroine of an edgy graphic novel; in fact, she is an eight-time Oscar winner for costume design. This is her bio.

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