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Details Lead Performance: Danny Gans

The chipper, clean-cut Gans has a deep arsenal of spot-on impersonations -- a smarmy Tom Jones here, a nonsensical Anita Baker there -- and he unleashes them with appealing energy. But it doesn't save this bombastic show -- which can vary from night to night -- from aching unhipness, nor does it excuse his dated cultural references (Bud's ''Whassuupp'' ads, Tae-Bo, Baha Men). Gans could also lose the show's finale: a god-awful Creed cover and subsequent I-found-Jesus-and-you-can-too! proto-sermon. Still, considering that he's one of the Strip's most popular performers, he must be doing something right, so we'll play nice and give him a C+. (Mirage, 800-963-9634)

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