The Bachelorette (2003) Some reality TV shows are more fascinating than others. I disliked the two editions of "The Bachelor" intensely -- those tacky "rose ceremonies" and the… 2003-01-08 Reality TV Trista Rehn Bob Guiney Ryan Sutter ABC
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The Bachelorette (2003)


Details Start Date: Jan 08, 2003; Genre: Reality TV; With: Trista Rehn; Network: ABC; More

Some reality TV shows are more fascinating than others. I disliked the two editions of ''The Bachelor'' intensely -- those tacky ''rose ceremonies'' and the intellectual nullity, the sheer conversational sliminess of both the bachelors! However, I am enthralled by The Bachelorette, and why should I try to excuse my change of heart and mind with fancy critical justifications? It's because I think Trista is pretty hot and very cool in the way she controls her own little corner of the TV universe. Suddenly, grammar and farewell roses seem so, y'know, irrelevant.

Of course, the subtext of ''The Bachelorette'' is itself an unworkable fantasy, even -- or especially -- for the man whom Trista chooses on Feb. 19. As David Letterman put it, quoting one of ABC's ads, ''She's hot, she's in charge, and she's ready to rock.'' Turning to Paul Shaffer, Dave said incredulously, ''Do you really want a wife who is 'ready to rock'?'' Precisely. Yet that's what the barrel-chested boys whom Trista has chosen think they do want. It's the old ''children's physical therapist in the kitchen,'' ''Miami Heat cheerleader in the sack'' syndrome. But, other than Jennifer Garner in ''Alias'' and Maura Tierney after she's had a few espressos on ''ER,'' is ''scripted'' programming coming up with viable alternatives to Trista Rehn? I think not. Godspeed, good woman.

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