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EW finds the guy who crashed the Foos' Grammy speech -- This isn't the first time the mystery man, who took the stage with the Foo Fighters and gave props to B.B. King, has popped up at an awards ceremony

Dave Grohl | KING CON Behind Grohl; (inset) at the 2001 VMAs
KING CON Behind Grohl; (inset) at the 2001 VMAs

The Grammys have come and gone, but one question remains: Who the hell was that guy on stage with the Foo Fighters?

The mysterious fifth Foo is Nicholas ''Sixx'' King, 25, admitted party crasher and apparent B.B. King fan. After the Philadelphia native snagged a ticket through a ''contact,'' sashayed down the red carpet, and landed a second-row seat (just behind rap mogul P. Diddy and idol B.B.), he became inspired to trot up on stage to give the seated B.B. ''his props'' -- as the Foos were receiving the hard-rock performance award.

''I just went up,'' remembers King (no relation to the blues journeyman). ''[The Foo Fighters] were lookin' at me like, Who is this guy? But then Dave [Grohl] stepped to the side and let me speak!'' Afterward, King, who confesses he later passed himself off as the Foo Fighters' ''consultant,'' offered to do press with the band, but missed his chance when one last urge arose: ''I had to pee.''

While the Foos were bewildered by King -- whose previous crashing was as the ''Fifth Marmalade'' alongside Missy Elliott and ''Ladies'' Christina Aguilera, Mya, Pink, and Lil' Kim at MTV's 2001 Video Music Awards -- a band spokesman says they don't intend to pursue legal action.

Next up for King: using this stunt to pitch his own reality TV show. Maybe ''I'm Not a Celebrity...Get Me in There''?

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