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Monster's Gall

Charlize Theron is trying to do Nicole and Salma one better. To play real-life prostitute-turned-serial killer Aileen Wuornos in ''Monster'' (coming in November), Theron is employing a time-honored Oscar technique: uglifying her gorgeous self. And we're not just talking fake nose or unibrow here; she dons fake teeth and dark contacts -- and packs an extra 16 pounds (thanks, Krispy Kreme). In casting the ''Sweet November'' actress, writer-director Patty Jenkins looked past Theron's beauty to her ''courage and tremendous lack of vanity.'' In fact, she says, ''now we see her looking like s -- - every day, and she doesn't mind a bit.'' Indeed, Theron says slumming it on the Orlando set is no big deal: ''I'm not going to show up in Versace and perfect makeup every day just to show the crew how good I can look.''

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