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Oscar host Steve Martin to update Cary Grant. He'll reteam with his ''Bringing Down the House'' director in a remake of the 1937 Grant ghost comedy ''Topper''

Steve Martin | CARY ON Martin will ''Top'' off his Oscar duties with a new movie
Image credit: Steve Martin: Tim Goodwin/STARMAX Inc./NewsCom
CARY ON Martin will ''Top'' off his Oscar duties with a new movie

Does Oscar host Steve Martin possess the charm of Cary Grant? The folks at Disney sure hope so. According to Variety, Martin will reteam with ''Bringing Down the House'' director Adam Shankman for a remake of the ghostly comedy ''Topper.'' Based on a novel by Thorne Smith, the original 1937 film was about a man named Cosmo Topper, who's plagued by the ghosts of a daffy, fun-loving married couple. Cary Grant starred in the movie, which spawned several sequels and a TV series. No word on when the film will begin shooting.

Meanwhile, Martin's next project is another remake of a vintage comedy, ''Cheaper by the Dozen,'' in which he and Bonnie Hunt play the parents of a large brood of kids. That starts shooting March 31, giving Martin just a week to recuperate from emceeing the Oscar ceremony.

Originally posted Mar 14, 2003

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