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JONAH: A VEGGIETALES MOVIE Animated (Artisan, G) A great cartoon for tots, starring produce that tells a classic Bible story with wit and bravado. B+

KRZYSZTOF KIESLOWSKI'S THREE COLORS: BLUE, WHITE, RED Juliette Binoche (Miramax, R, DVD) Three powerful films that examine the essence of mankind. A

THE RING Naomi Watts (DreamWorks, PG-13) You will never watch a video the same way again after watching Gore Verbinski's hair-raiser. B+


AUTO FOCUS (Columbia TriStar, R) Greg Kinnear fills the freaky shoes of Hogan's Heroes star/amateur pornographer Bob Crane.

THE MAN FROM ELYSIAN FIELDS (Columbia TriStar, R) Andy Garcia plays a struggling writer who gets thrown off course when he becomes a escort.

PERSONAL VELOCITY (MGM, R) Winner of the 2002 Sundance Grand Jury Prize, Rebecca Miller's stories portray three women who confront life-altering choices.

ROGER DODGER (Artisan, R) Campbell Scott is an ace at manipulating women, but when he tries to teach his nephew the art, he comes up a little short.

WELCOME TO COLLINWOOD (Warner, R) How do you screw up the perfect heist? Let William H. Macy, Sam Rockwell, and George Clooney show you the way.

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