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The Worst Song I Ever Wrote

Hey, Even Picasso passed off some stinkers

THE PERPETRATOR Lionel Richie THE PROOF ''Superman'' (1974) THE PLEA ''It was [the Commodores'] first song -- first song! -- and now I wish I could get that bad boy back. I knew when I wrote the lyrics -- 'I'm rough, I'm tough, I'm big bad stuff' -- let me just tell you, if I could get those lyrics back from that first album.... Other than that, I'm pretty much satisfied with the rest of the stuff. You know, at one point I thought 'Brick House' was going to be [perceived as] crazy. Can you imagine that? You know, because the line '36-24-36.' I was trying to figure out, 'How is that going to [sound to people]?' The answer: We did all right.''

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