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Townshend reportedly set to elude child-porn charges -- Pete Townshend may get off with a caution, according to a London newspaper

British police are drafting plans that would allow Pete Townshend to end his Internet child-porn case without facing fines or jail time, according to London's Daily Mail newspaper. Provided they find no evidence that Townshend accessed the pornography on multiple occasions, police are drafting plans to let the Who guitarist off with a formal caution, the Daily Mail reported. According to the report, Townshend would have to admit guilt, leaving him with a criminal record, but he would face no punishment.

If Townshend was convicted on the charges in court, he could be sentenced to five years in jail and have to pay a large fine. But police see Townshend's clean record and his limited involvement with the porn sites as mitigating factors, according to the Daily Mail. ''I hope the police will make their decision very soon, so that after that I can communicate with you more fully,'' Townshend recently wrote on his website. He has said that he accessed child porn sites only to research a memoir that touches on the childhood sexual abuse he says he suffered.

Originally posted Mar 12, 2003

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