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Julianne Moore

SCREEN GEM: Safe (1985)

Julianne Moore, Safe | 'SAFE' CRACKERS Moore is under the weather
Image credit: Safe: Everett Collection
'SAFE' CRACKERS Moore is under the weather

''Safe'' is a past gem from Oscar nominee Julianne Moore

COSTARS Peter Friedman, Xander Berkeley, James LeGros

PREMISE Carol White (Moore) is a California housewife whose home life is killing her -- literally. Thinking she's allergic to the toxins in her modern environment, she takes refuge at a desert spa, whose cultlike director (Friedman) spouts equally toxic pseudo-spiritual platitudes.

FUN FACT Moore reportedly wanted the part so badly that she broke into tears when she got it.

WHY IT'S GREAT In her first collaboration with ''Far From Heaven'' director Todd Haynes,'' Moore -- pale as a luminous ghost -- makes you believe that Carol suffers from more than hypochondria.

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